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Kate Upton Boobs Fall Out In Park

Kate Upton posing in front of Sports Illustrated cover

Sports Illustrated covergirl got booted from Santa Monica Pier for showing too much skin during a photo shoot.  The 19-year-old model and her crew were told by security officials to leave. Upton apparently had a wardrobe malfunction while she was in one of the fairground rides. Upton was working on a photo shoot for GQ…

Kate Upton Stripz for GQ Magazine – (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Here it is! Kate Upton’s GQ 2012 Shoot. GQ released the video during a photoshoot with Kate Upton after teasing about it in their website. Kate, of course, is as hot as ever. She wore or should we say almost wore pink, white, and striped bikinis during the shoot. During the interview, she said she…