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Gun Accident Victim Gets A New Face (PHOTOS)

A gun accident victim gets a new face. Richard Norris, 37, was injured in a gun accident in 1997. Norris lost his nose, lips, and jaw in the accident. He received facial reconstruction surgery which gave him a new face, teeth, tongue, jaw in a 36-hour surgery performed at the University of Maryland and Medical…

Police Kill Wrong Man During Search

image of apartment building where innocent man killed by police

Watch the latest video at Police shot and killed the wrong man while on search for a suspect in Florida. At 1:30 am, police knocked on 26-year-old Andrew Scott’s apartment door. Deputies said that they did not identify themselves while knocking. Scott opened the door with a gun pointed at the deputies. The police…

Teen shot by neighborhood watch volunteer – Trayvon Martin 911 Call

The FBI is set to investigate the death of an unarmed teen by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. The death of 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, prompted protestors to demand justice at a Seminole county courthouse in Florida, north of Orlando. “Gone but not forgotten,” read one that had a picture of the young man wearing…