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Can You Trust Strangers? Trust Falls Prank FAIL (VIDEO)

Can you really trust strangers? Trust falls is sort of like a game where you tell your friend that you trust them, you turn around and fall back, “trusting” that the friend will stop your fall. Do you remember that game? I surely played it when I was in high school. So, what happens when…

Rihanna Gives Fan Lap Dance At Concert (VIDEO)

Rihanna lap dances on a guy fan

A fan got dry humped by Rihanna during one of her performances. Rihanna pulls a fan from the audience and sits him on stage. She climbS on top of him and thrusts her hips back and forth. The lucky guy enjoyed the personal lap dance he received from the singer. He gestured in approval to…

Asian Kid Attacked and Jumped by 7 Others (Video)

The Chinese man was saying, “please no more, don’t hit me anymore please”. Obviously this guy didn’t do anything and was jumped. His English wasn’t good either. The original poster took the video down for obvious reasons, and in his comments he was proud of his accomplishment This needs to be told! The guy showed…