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Woman Has World’s Largest Breasts: Size 102 ZZZ

world's largest breasts

Annie Hawkins-Turner has the World’s largest breasts talks to Dr. Drew on HLN. Her bra size is 102 ZZZ and continue to grow. Her breasts weigh around 89 pounds. She says she gets marks from her zipper on her breasts and blows the horn when she gets into her car. She admits that it is…

Woman Has Size “L” Breasts

picture of woman who has size L breasts

Dr. Drew on HLN talks to a mom who has undergone several breast implants. Lacey Wildd has size “L” breasts. When asked by Dr. Drew if she has back and neck problems she responded that she doesn’t have any back problems. Dr. Drew demonstrated how heavy the breasts would be by holding two watermelons up…

Boy Suspended For Singing “I’m Sexy And I Know It”

A Colorado first grade student came back to school after a three-day suspension. What was he suspended for? Singing the song “Sexy and I Know It.” D’Avonte Meadows of Sable Elementary School in Aurora was suspended from school last week for singing the hit song. School officials claim he sang it a female classmate and…