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Girls Eat Ice Cream Inside Condom

Girls eat ice cream out of condoms. CHECK OUT OUR REACTION VIDEO BELOW: YouTube user, JyuusanKaidan, demonstrated how to properly eat ice cream from a condom. JyuusanKaidan and her friend opened up the packaged of ice cream condoms they bought from a grocery store. As per package instructions, you cut the tip of the condom…

McDonald’s Employee Fired For Giving Too Much Chocolate

A 19-year-old McDonald’s employee was fired for gross misconduct after serving ice cream to a colleague. According to Sarah, she was fired for putting too much chocolate pieces in her co-worker’s order. Her colleague was purchasing the dessert and asked Sarah to “make it a nice one.” She was soon fired by her bosses and…

Mother Left Kids In Car After Accident To Eat Ice Cream

mom arrested and in court

A Houston mother left her kids in the car after an accident to strip naked and to eat ice cream. Stephanie Dillard got into an accident with a Houston city bus on Friday with her children in the car. She walked away from the scene leaving her three children in the car. She grabbed ice…