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Impatient Driver Cheats Traffic (VIDEO)

driver drives on the side of the road to avoid traffic

Video: Cheating traffic This is what happens to people who are impatient in traffic. It is unclear what caused this traffic jam at a European highway, but this impatient driver tries to cheat traffic by driving on the side of the road. The driver thought it was the perfect plan as the car passed several…

Justin Bieber Pissed Off By Fans

justin bieber sitting on a railing waiting for Selena gomez at Toronto Pearson Airport

Justin Bieber is what he said “a human being.” The pop star wasn’t his usual accommodating self at Toronto Pearson Airport while waiting for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, to arrive. It seemed Bieber wanted to keep low-key at the airport, but fans couldn’t wait to get pictures with him. “Why do you have to be…