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Kids In Indonesia Risk Their Lives To Go To School (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Kids in an Indonesian village risk their lives every day to get to school. Kids as young as 9 years old risk their lives to cross a 160 meter broken bridge just to get to school. Flooding had caused destruction in their village which also destroyed two bridges. The children were filmed hoping the local…

Man With Bubble Skin Needs a Cure

bubble skin man close-up

Chandra Wisnu,57, was born from a well-to-do family, handsome, and well-educated. He was a great catch for any woman. After marrying his wife, Nanik, 33 years ago, he noticed small bumps on his back. They looked like tiny bubbles at first. As the bubbles started to show up in every part of his body, he…

8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Coast of Indonesia: Tsunami Alert Announced

An earthquake struck the Indonesian coast Wednesday afternoon prompting a tsunami alert being announced for the Indian Ocean. The quake had a magnitude of 8.6 as per the U.S. Geological Survey. It struck about 434 kilometers southwest of Banda Aceh, the capital of Indonesia’s Aceh province. It occurred at a depth of 23 kilometers. A…