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Samsung Galaxy S4: iPhone Killer?

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 the iPhone killer? The Samsung Galaxy S4 features never-before-seen technology. The technology giant introduced the Galaxy S4 with cool new features including a few triggered with just a wave of the hand. It’s been called a ‘major milestone’ by Samsung and experts predict the S4 could…

Man Beats Up Person Who Stole His IPhone (VIDEO)

A man tracked down and beats up the person who stole his iPhone. On December 30, Kenneth Schmidgall lost his iPhonetook. Instead of reporting it to the police, he took matters in his own hands. Schmidgall claims they tried calling the phone, but no one would answer. So, with the help of his friend Greg…

Man Steals iPhone From Baby (VIDEO)

The man took the device from 20-month-old Luella Reid while she was watching cartoons on it. Her mother, Danielle Hinnigan, gave the iPhone to her daughter so she can watch cartoons while they shopped. A middle-aged man wearing glasses noticed the little girl with the iPhone. The man looks around to make sure no one…

iPhone 5 Line Ups (PHOTOS)

An iPhone 5 fever has hit worldwide as the phone goes on sale tomorrow September 21st. People dying to get the gadget lined up in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and several other cities. Fans have camped outside shops pining for the coveted iPhone 5. The smartphones will hit the shelves in 34 shops in…

Apple Unveils The iPhone5 – Finally!

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5. The newest iPhone looks similar to older models. However, it now features a thinner body, larger screen and a faster processor. The larger screen will enable users to view e-mails and web pages easier. The processor is called the Apple A6 and connects to a 4G LTE connection….

iPhone 5 Revealed? (VIDEO)

Here’s an iPhone 5 promo recently posted on the web. The video was created by the people behind Adam Thinks. On their site, they stated that since everyone loves taking pictures with their iPhone, they decided to rethink the iPhone design. His new iPhone 5 model gives you the ability to take high quality pictures….

Woman Kills Boyfriend For Breaking Iphone

teen killed in hit and run by girlfriend over iphone

A Bronx woman killed her teenage boyfriend after he broke her iPhone. Jasmine Diaz, 25, sped off in her SUV and hit her boyfriend, 17-year-old Frankie Hernandez. Just before the alleged attack, the couple were fighting at around 1:30 a.m on MOrris Ave. Police and family members say the argument was because Hernandez dropped Diaz’…