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My Jamaica Trip 2013

A little bit of what my Jamaica trip looked like. Sorry, I didn’t have a video camera because I wanted to completely relax?

Words of Bob Marley

Heading to Jamaica in 5 days! It’s been so long. I can already feel the sand between my toes #Jamaica #BobMarley #Vacation #beach

Angry Jamaican Video – “My Light Bill Was $1.7 Million Dollars” (Jamaica)

A YouTube video depicting an angry man’s chronicle inside a Jamaica Public Service (JPS) office has become extremely popular and is being circulated on the social networking site, Facebook. The almost four-minute video, which was shot by a customer using a cellular phone, shows a man who is irate because he received an electricity bill totalling…

Usain Bolt Bashed for Having White Girlfriend

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, is getting a lot of attention. Not for his speed, but for dating a white woman. Jamaicans have accused him of suffering from “white woman complex” after the public found out that he’s been dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak. One online comment said: ‘Really now Usain! Some successful black…