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Rape Victim Gets Charged For Naming Her Attackers

Savannah Dietrich rape

A 17-year-old Kentucky girl was raped and might go to jail for naming her attackers. Savannah Dietrich was upset by the plea deal reached by the two teen boys who sexually assaulted her. The names of sexual assault victims are normally not reported in the media for their protection. However, Dietrich and her family want…

Lesbian Couple Banned From Prom

Two teens in a same-sex relationship were barred from attending their Catholic school’s prom. School officials at Lexington Catholic High School in Lexington, Kentucky told Hope Decker, 18, and Tiffany Wright, 16, that they could not attend the event. Their relationship violated the Catholic church’s position on homosexuality according to Herald-Leader. Steve Angelucci, high school…

Toddler Survives Tornado then Dies

A toddler who was swept up in a the Indiana tornado along with her family succumbed to her injuries. She was found in a field about 10 miles from where their mobile home was. Angel Babcock, 14 months, was pulled from life support on Sunday at 4:10pm. Her mother, Moriah Brough, 21 was found under…