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Marines Drink Cobra Blood In Thailand (PHOTOS)

U.S. Marines drink Cobra blood during survival training in Thailand. Marines can be seen tipping their heads back as blood of a dead cobra drips into their mouths shown in the photographs below. There are around 13,000 soldiers taking part in Cobra Gold 2013. The program is an annual multi-national military training program that teaches…

Man Killed After Being Pushed Infront Of Subway

A subway passenger was crushed to death after being hurled onto the tracks by a crazed panhandler who had been harassing people waiting on the platform. Father-of-one Ki Suk Han, 58, was seen struggling to get back to safety, moments before he was hit by a train as it pulled into Times Square station. A…

Boy Killed Girl Over Facebook Comments

Facebook letter logo

A 15-year-old boy killed a girl over Facebook comments. Jinhua K. of the Netherlands received a sentence of one year in detention for killing the teen girl. He confessed to killing the teenage girl after he was convinced by the girl’s friend to do so. He also attempted to kill the girl’s father. According to…