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PETA Slaughter House

PETA accused of animal cruelty. Nathan J. Winograd, director of the No Kill Advocacy Centre contributed a story to the Huffington Post Blog where he accused PETA of animal cruelty. The blog included images of dead puppies and kittens along with his claims that PETA had been systemically killing the animals in the Virginia headquarters….

200 People Dead In Brazil Nightclub Fire

Over 200 people dead after a fire ravaged through a Brazil nightclub. According to witnesses, security guards wouldn’t allow people to leave the club because they had no idea that there was a fire. The bouncers did not allow people to leave because they couldn’t prove that the club patrons had paid their bills. People…

Man Claims To Kill A Girl To Get Off Work

image teacher who made the worst excuses

  When he ran out of excuses, a man lied about killing a girl to get out of work. Derek McGlone, a teacher in Calderhead High School in Scotland has made up lies on several occasions to get off work. One time he claimed to have been stuck in volcanic ash cloud in Iceland. But…

Police Kill Wrong Man During Search

image of apartment building where innocent man killed by police

Watch the latest video at Police shot and killed the wrong man while on search for a suspect in Florida. At 1:30 am, police knocked on 26-year-old Andrew Scott’s apartment door. Deputies said that they did not identify themselves while knocking. Scott opened the door with a gun pointed at the deputies. The police…

Parents Killed Their Daughter’s Pimp

pimp in Los angeles who were killed by prostitute's parents

The parents of a 17-year-old runaway killed her pimp. The teen ran away from her parents home in San Francisco. She went to Los Angeles for a life of prostitution. Her parents tried to make her stop and bring her home. When their efforts failed, they decided to go to the root of the problem…. Site, Sexy Pics And Animal Abuse

PETA porn - woman in sexy pleather lingerie

PETA launches their site to promote their animal rights cause. “[T]his is the perfect example of sex just being used to draw interest, and then once you’re there on the site, we’re going to hit you with facts that you need to know about the world of animals,” adult-film legend Ron Jeremy said in…

Boy Witnesses Mother Killed In Drive By

boy helping mother beside SUV

A boy witnessed his mother shot in a drive by shooting in Brazil. The video showed the boy come out of their SUV to cross the street. A second later, a motorcycle approached the vehicle from behind. It slowed down beside the SUV and open fired inside the SUV. The SUV was left rolling with…

Teen shot by neighborhood watch volunteer – Trayvon Martin 911 Call

The FBI is set to investigate the death of an unarmed teen by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. The death of 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, prompted protestors to demand justice at a Seminole county courthouse in Florida, north of Orlando. “Gone but not forgotten,” read one that had a picture of the young man wearing…

Project X copy cats getting out of hand: 1 boy killed

Project X copy cats are growing in numbers. The movie about three unpopular boys who threw a big party while their parents were away turned into a wild and destructive night. In an attempt for another house party was posted by a Florida teen on YouTube. In the video, he showed a tour of a…