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Kissing Banned In Turkey: Islamists Attack “Kissing Protesters”

Turkey bans public kissing so protesters stage a kissing protest. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Kissing Protest In Turkey: – Baby In Sewer Pipe Saved: – Man Slaps Lady In Face: – Girl Faints When She Stands Up:

Biggest Lips In The World – Kristina Rei

Kristina Rei has the biggest lips in the whole world! A new world record. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – BIggest Lips : – Alien Is A Human: – Handsome Men Deported Pics: – Facebook Hiring Hackers: – Woman Too Fat To Tan:

Man Kills Son by Kissing Him

A baby dies after his father kisses him. Kaiden McCormick was born five weeks premature and did not survive after contracting herpes. Doctors told his parents, Carl Maclaren and Marie-Claire McCormick, that Kaiden contracted herpes simplex through the cold sore virus. Carl immediately blamed himself since he knew he had the virus. Kaiden spent six…

50 Cent Tries To Kiss Reporter On Live TV (VIDEO)

Rapper 50 Cent tried to steal a kiss from Erin Andrews. Andrews was covering the Daytona 500 for FOX News. She was trying to get an interview with Danica Patrick when she bumped into 50 Cent. The rapper went in for a kiss, but Andrews turned her head and missed his lips. The most awkward…

Bar Refaeli Kisses Geek In Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

GoDaddy Super Bowl ad has Bar Rafaeli locking lips with a geek. The ad features super hot 27-year-old model, Bar Rafaeli, and a bushy-haired geek who’s typing away on his laptop. The ad starts off with a woman introducing the GoDaddy couple. She says, “There are two sides to Go Daddy – there’s the sexy…

Rihanna & Chris Brown Kissing MTV VMA 2012 (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Rihanna and Chris Brown shared a tender moment at the MTV VMA awards after the starlet received her Video of the Year award. The closeness of the former lovebirds captured on camera make us think the two are rekindling their relationship. Rihanna, 24, recently sparked rumours when she told Oprah Winfrey that Chris Brown was…