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Knife Song: Most Dangerous Song Ever (VIDEO)

Is the Knife the most dangerous song ever? WATCH THE IO REACTION VIDEO BELOW: This video features Hanna Ellingseter singing while stabbing a knife between her fingers. Then she gradually increases the speed throughout the song. After her song, Ellingseter proclaims “yes” as if she’s done this a thousand times unsuccessfully. Ellingseter’s Knife Song could…

Teens Messed With The Wrong Woman

Priscilla Dang's close up

Two mischievous youths messed with the wrong woman. Prisicilla Dang, 23, had been practicing martial arts since she was a child. Last Friday, while out on a job in a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood, she encountered two boys on her path. The two teenagers, 16 & 18, approached her from behind. “One went in front and…