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Chinese Lady Poops Inside Glass Elevator

A Chinese lady takes a poop in an elevator then just walks away. Her husband watches and doesn’t do anything. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Lady Poops in Elevator: – Neutral Gender: – Explicit Sex Book For 5yr olds (NSFW): – Mom Drowns Kids By Accident?:

Principal Dresses Like Lady Gaga

Principal dresses like Lady Gaga when he lost a bet with students. The Principal challenged his students to read 10,000 books and when they did he will do anything they want. It was a way to encourage the students to read last year. When the kids reached their quota, they had to choose what the…

Woman Drinks her Pee and Bathes in it – My Strange Addiction

TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” featured a woman convinced that her pee has healing powers. She not only drinks the yellow stuff she also brushes her teeth and bathes in it. She even rinses her eyeballs with it. The 53-year-old, woman named Carrie had been drinking her pee for 4 years. She says this is part…