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Lady Gaga Strips Butt Nekked During Performance at G-A-Y

Lady Gaga takes it all off during a performance at GAY night club. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Lady Gaga Strips On Stage : – Katy Perry Bashes Nekked Stars: – Deadly Storm Hits England: – Woman Lies About RAPE : – X-Box One Feature Demo :

Lady Gaga Fully Nekkid – Marina “Abramovic Method” EXPOSED

Marina Abramovic’s latest art piece features Lady Gaga fully NEKKID and exposed. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Lady Gaga Fully Undressed In Video: – Marina Abramovic Art Museum: – Girl Hangs Herself Because of Bullying: – SPRNG CLIP Make EarPods Work:

Celebrity Real Names

You think you know your favourite celebrity well? Guess again! Here’s a list of celebrity real names. Who would have thunk?

Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction

Lady Gaga sufferd a wardrobe malfunction at a concert at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Friday. During her performance of her song “Heavy Metal Lover,” Gaga climbed onto her motorcycle as part of the routine. As soon as she did, her Versace latex pants split and exposed her bare butt. But the show must…

Lady Gaga’s Saggy Boobs (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga strolls the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina and side-flashes her saggy boobs. The popstar wore an unflattering ensemble of a vest, ripped jeans, and robotic-looking shoes. Gaga never ceases to show her quirky fashion, but this time the only thing that catches your eyes are her saggy boobs. The vest that covers the…

Lady Gaga XXX Lesbian Action In Bath: Cake Promo (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga has always pushed the boundaries with her costumes and videos. This time she’s making waves again with a teaser video for her new single Cake. In the video, the singer can be seen in a bathtub with two women. She raps the lyrics to her new song about grabbing wigs and her “burqa…

Gaga Nekkid On Toilet Photo Shoot

Gaga over toilet seats! Lady Gaga recently posed for US fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Richardson is known for his racy shoots so it’s no surprise to see Gaga in a compromising position. The quirky pop star sits on a toilet seat while holding a cigarette and pouting her lips. She sits cross-legged with her arms…

Lady Gaga Smokes Marijuana In Amsterdam Concert

Lady Gaga smoking marijuana at a concert

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana at her concert in Amsterdam. Lady Gaga was performing in Amsterdam when she busted out a giant spliff and started smoking on stage. Smoking marijuana in Amsterdam had been decriminalized, so fans at the concert were not surprised.