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Gravity: People Aging In Slow Motion (NSFW)

A photographer captures decades-long aging process within minutes. Mchael Haussman’s video installation that he calls “Gravity” shows how gravity can give us more wrinkles, cellulite and skin flaps. The artist had his subjects jump on a trampoline while he shot a video of them at 2,000 frames per second. In the post-production stage, he kept…

Clubgoer Gets Shot After A Club Brawl (VIDEO)

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. A clubgoer was shot dead outside a Los Angeles club. The video posted on TMZ, shows a club brawl just outside a Los Angeles club. The two-minute video shows a group of woman punching and kicking each other first. Then later a group of men were shoving each…

Nicole Scherzinger and Chris Brown Kissing?

Nicole Scherzinger and Chris Brown seen kissing in a Los Angeles club. Images show the two danced together and were side by side the whole night. What would Nicole’s lover, F1 Lewis Hamilton, and Chris Brown’s ex, Rihanna, say about this? Well, sources say the two were not kissing in the club. Nicole’s spokesman said:…

Emma Watson Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

Emma Watson attended the premiere of her new movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, but something else was a little more perkier that day. Watson was walking the carpet at the Los Angeles premier Monday when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. The 22-year-old’s backless dress shifted to the side to reveal her left breast….

Michael Duncan Dies At 54

    Academy award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan dies at age 54. Duncan went into full cardiac arrest July 13 and had been hospitalized since then. After two months of treatment, Duncan passed away in the Los Angeles hospital. According to reports, his fiancé Omarosa Manigault tried to get doctors to use any treatment possible….

Parents Killed Their Daughter’s Pimp

pimp in Los angeles who were killed by prostitute's parents

The parents of a 17-year-old runaway killed her pimp. The teen ran away from her parents home in San Francisco. She went to Los Angeles for a life of prostitution. Her parents tried to make her stop and bring her home. When their efforts failed, they decided to go to the root of the problem….

Kim Suing Flour Attacker. PETA tells Kim to “Get A Life”

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking steps to press charges against the person who threw flour at her last week. The act was caught on tape by several cameramen in a Los Angeles red carpet. She walked off and came back unhurt after the incident. However, she and her PR team have decided to take action…