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Baseball Brawl @ World Baseball Classic (VIDEO)

Canada and Mexico were involved in a brawl during the World Baseball Classic. Tensions ran high after Canada’s Rene Tosoni was hit by a pitch. The incident started when the Mexicans were upset because Canada running up the score. During replays, it showed Mexico third baseman Luis Cruz telling pitcher Arnold Leon to throw the…

9-year-old Girl Gives Birth To Baby In Mexico (VIDEO)

A 9-year-old girl delivers a 5.7 pound baby by cesarean section. On January 27, Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco, an area in western Mexico, admitted a pregnant 9-year-old girl named Dafne. She was 39 weeks pregnant and the hospital had to perform a cesarean section to deliver her 5.7 pound baby. The boy who impregnated Dafne…

Girl Dances Topless On Train In Mexico (NSFW VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO(NSFW): A sexy stripper ripped off her clothes and danced topless in a subway train. Luna Bella stripped to her underwear and bra on a busy train and gave commuters a “lap dance.” One middle-aged man is seen smiling from ear-to-ear as Luna wiggles her bum in his face.   Ms….

Company Pays Employees $7500 To Go On Vacation

employees at software company working

A Denver, Colorado company pays employees to go on vacation. That’s a job many people would love to get. Borat Lorang, CEO of software provider company in Denver FullContact, offered his employees $7,500 to go on a vacation. This is on top of their normal salary. However, there were three rules that the employees had…