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U.S. Military Working On Invisibility Gear

New technology can allow troops to become invisible. Designers are working to redefine the camouflage that the U.S. military presently uses. Chris Lawrence, a Pentagon correspondent, asked Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth how invisible will it be. Cramer says you would be unable to see the person at all. Quantum stealth technology works by bending the…

Army Moms Breastfeed In Uniform. Right or Wrong?

two moms breastfeeding their children wearing military uniforms

As Time Magazine’s controversial breastfeeding story dies down, a photo of uniformed military moms breastfeeding surfaced on the web. This photo has added to the ongoing debate of whether it is appropriate or inappropriate to breastfeed in public. Many people consider it a disgrace to the uniform and the image was compared to urinating and…