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3rd Case Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Bobby Vaughn

landscaper using lawnblower

This is the third person in Georgia who has contracted a flesh-eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis. Landscaper, Bobby Vaughn, is currently in the hospital recovering. He was diagnosed early this month with the flesh-eating bacteria. Vaughn’s first symptoms were backaches and vomiting. He went to the hospital when he started to experience swelling in his…

Woman Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Zipline Accident

A 24-year-old Georgia woman clings to life after she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria from a zip-lining accident. Aimee Copeland went on a kayaking trip with friends in Carrolton, Georgia. The homemade zipline she used snapped and cut through her left calf Tuesday. She received stitches and left the hospital thinking everything was fine. However, the…