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TV Reporter Bombs On Girl Who Interrupted Her (VIDEO)

Next time, think twice about interrupting a reporter on camera. TV reporter, Jessica Sanchez, from WKMG-6 was apparently fed up of passersby interrupting her that she decided to do something about it. Sanchez was in New Orleans to cover the Super Bowl for Sunday. A drunk woman comes up behind her interrupting Sanchez’ live news…

Man Had Sex With 15-Year-Old In Courthouse Bathroom

man who had sex in courthouse

A 23-year-old man arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old in a New Orleans courthouse bathroom. Roderick Clanton and the girl were found having sex in the bathroom by a court employee. The employee walked into the men’s bathroom and saw two pairs of legs sticking out the bottom of the stall. He ran and…

Arrest Warrant out for Russell Brand

A warrant for Russell Brand’s arrest had been issued by the New Orleans police. He has been accused of taking photographer Timothy Jackson’s Iphone and hurling it through a window Monday. Brand tweeted about the incident stating that his action was to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. Authorities are taking the incident seriously after Jackson…