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Elevator Murder Prank (VIDEO)

WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: Several people react to a Murder prank in a New York City elevator. YouTube poster, BeatriceRevenge asked: “What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress?” Two guys decided to answer that question by staging a murder in progress inside a New York City elevator. With hidden cameras…

Sandy Leaves East Coast Devastated

Several pictures of New York and the East Coast has surfaced after Sandy passed through on Monday and Tuesday night. The grim images depict the strength of the hurricane that put several states into stand still. Superstorm Sandy flooded streets, subway stations, dragged boats to shore, and levelled houses. Millions of people were without power…

Zombies In New York Prank (VIDEO)

Zombies in New York City

Could Zombies be walking among us? A Zombie experiment in New York City had Zombies roaming around the city. Actors were transformed into the living dead and unleashed in the streets of New York. Some people were frightened by the zombies while some were amused. Even squirrels at Central Park were frightened by the Zombies….

World’s Burping Champion: Tim Janus

man burping on screen

The WBF, World Burping Federation, held the Burping World Championships in New York City. The world’s longest belch crown was given to Tim Janus. Professional burpers took the stage at the contest and showed off their burp skills. Some of burpers could burp up to 18 seconds long! Tim Janus told reporters that the burping…