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Female Preacher Preaches With Nipples Leaking Out (VIDEO)

A female preacher gives a lesson in maturity and patience. But it seems her boobs do not want to stay patiently inside her clothes. The female preacher is dressed in a low-cut, black and white striped dress and black blazer. But the dress kept creeping down her chest that we could almost see a peek…

Public Nip-Slips Criminalized In North Carolina (VIDEO)

North Carolina introduces a bill that would criminalize nipple exposure. State representatives introduced House Bill 34 that would prohibit women from showing too much of their “private area.” The proposed legislation would make it a Class H felony to expose “external organs of sex and of excretion, including the nipple, or any portion of the…

Kim Kardashian Getting Nippy

Kim Kardashian shows off her curves and a bit of nip. Doesn’t Kim ever learn that white really isn’t her colour. The reality star was headed to her latest Miami TV show wearing a skin-tight white pencil dress. The dress hugged her boobs too tight that her nip came peeking out of her dress. She…

Khloe Kardashian’s Nip-Slip On X-Factor

Khloe Kardashian shows a “little nip action” on X Factor. The reality star was a guest host on last night’s X Factor. She wore a purple transparent blouse with a plunging neck line. Simon Cowell quickly noticed the nip that peeked through Khloe’s shirt that he tweeted: “I think the air conditioning is on high…

Kris Jenner Nip-slip

SEE PIC HERE Kris Jenner tweets a nip-slip of herself on Twitter. Kris, Kim Kardashian’s mom, was wearing a Wonder Woman costume. She took a photo of herself as a pre-Halloween snapshot. She held on to her Wonder Woman cape as she posed for the photo. But her low-cut costume made her booobs slip out….

Jennifer Lopez Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at a concert in Italy. She was wearing a skin-tight, glittery jumpsuit that hugged her curves all the right way. However, when the singer raised her arms during her performance her top let her boob pop out giving the audience a peek at her nip. The nip…

Kate Moss Flashes Boob In Ibiza

Did Kate Moss flash her nipple accidentally while in Ibiza? You tell us. The supermodel was trying to get into a boat when the nip slip happened. Kate’s boob popped out of her rolled-up t-shirt while struggling to climb the aboard with friends. Moss spent the weekend in Ibiza with husband, Jamie Hince, and some…

Lindsay Lohan Nip-Slip Filming Liz Taylor Movie

Lindsay Lohan wardrobe malfunctions filming an intense scene for "Liz & Dick" with Grant Bowler

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor for Liz & Dick by splashnews Lindsay Lohan is trying to make a come back and a wardrobe malfunction could help or not. Lindsay, 25, was filming a dramatic scene with co-star Grant Bowler for their Lifetime TV movie Dick and Liz, when her boobs popped out of her sundress….