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Obama Is Satan? (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Satan looks like Obama. The History channel series “The Bible” raised some eyebrows when Satan in one of its episodes looked so much like Obama. Several Twitter users noticed the resemblance between Mohamen Medhdi Ouazzani, who played Satan, and Obama on Sunday. Glenn Beck was one of the first who tweeted about the series. He…

Beyonce Lip-synced National Anthem At Obama’s Inauguration

President Obama’s second inauguration on Monday had many performances including Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, and Beyonce. Reports have surfaced that Beyonce was apparently lip-syncing her performance. United States Marine Band rep Kristin Dubois told Page Six that “all music is pre-recorded for the ceremony” to ensure that everything goes smoothly. “We performed, live, the band….

Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting

A woman from Arizona almost killed her husband for not voting. Holly Solomon ran over her husband because he did not vote. Apparently the woman was quite upset that Obama was re-elected. And when she found out that her husband did not vote she went over the edge. She hit the gas and pinned him…

Obama Wins Election 2012! Should He Have Won?

After being projected as being the winner, Obama seals the deal and now elected for a second term as president of the United States. VOTE BELOW: Obama Wins Election 2012! Should He Have Won? Public OpinionPoll Results

Obama and Romney Make 4 year old Cry

You know its election time when 4 years olds start crying from too much coverage. Abigael has had enough of the elections and just wishes it were over. Even Barack Obama jokes that, “sometimes it feels like this race has gone on forever”. Abigael’s mother, Elizabeth Evens, soothes her by telling Abby it will all…