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Fat Women In Nude Challenge Traditional Beauty (NSFW)

Photographer Yossi Loloi took photos of obese women in the nude to challenge traditional images of beauty. The project that’s entitled Full Beauty features women in the nude who are 420 pounds and larger. VISIT WEBSITE:  Full Beauty Loloi intended to show that the history of the female in the nude is limited to skinny women….

Woman Innocent of Murder Because She’s Obese

Mayra Rosales - Half Ton Killer

Prosecutors found that it wasn’t possible for an 1100 lb woman to have killed her nephew. She was found innocent by investigators because her obesity could not have allowed her to commit the crime. TLC will feature a special on Mayra Rosales, 31, who testified that she accidentally killed her nephew, Eliseo Jr., in March…

Fat Woman Corpse Sets Fire To Crematorium

firefighters coming out of crematorium

The fat from the corpse of a 440-pound woman caused fire in an Austrian crematorium. Investigators believe the burning fat from the obese woman’s body blocked an air filter in the facility. This blockage caused the filter system to overheat which caused the fire. The fire was contained by firefighters after they shot water through…