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Man Builds VIA Rail Train Model In His Basement (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Jason Shron, from Ontario, Canada, built a full-size VIA Rail train in his basement. Shron describes himself as a “train-obsessed nutcase” and is the founder of model train manufacturer Rapido Trains Inc. In his blog, Shron explains why he built the model in his home. “We each have a favourite place: a place where we…

Justin Bieber Tweets Another YouTube Star? (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber recently tweeted 10-year-old Jayden Anderson’s performance of Bieber’s version of “The Little Drummer” at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Markham, Ontario. “this kid Jayden killed it! nice. #DrummerBoy” Angie Careri, Jayden’s teacher said the 5th-grader practiced the song for weeks. Apparently, Jayden is a huge Bieber fan. “He had a lot…

Seniors Sing Parody of ‘Call Me Maybe’ (VIDEO)

Okay… we know there’s been hundreds of “Call Me Maybe” parody out on Youtube. But this one is adorable. The resident of Waverly Mansion, a retirement home in London, Ontario, made this cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song. Seniors have to have some fun too don’t they?

Toronto Eaton Centre Mall Shooting

police cleaning blood off Eaton Centre window

Toronto Police made an arrest in Saturday’s Eaton Centre shooting. Police have remained silent with further details of the arrest. Ahmed Hassan, who was killed by the shooter, is believed to be tied to a gang. However Toronto police cannot confirm if the shooting on Saturday was related to gang activity. The 24-year-old Hassan was…

Brampton Girl Hates Brown People (VIDEO)

As we try hard to get rid of racism in society, it is disappointing to see that it is still around. Sometimes we feel that we have made progress away from racism. However, this young girl proves that racism is still going strong. People need to be educated about it that way someday we can…