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Boy Beaten To Death For Not Reading Bible And Doing Homework

A 7-year-old boy was allegedly beaten to death by his parents for not reading the Bible or doing his homework. Roderick ‘RJ’ Arrington Jr., was admitted to a hospital on Nov 29. Hospital personnel said the boy was unresponsive at the time. They noticed severe bruising and brain swelling. RJ died the next day. The…

Worst National Anthem Singer Can Actually Sing?

Watch here as Harper Gruzins prove she can sing: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The parents of the “worst national anthem singer” Harper Garzinz came to her defense about her performance. Karlis Gruzins, the girl’s father, said that many “mean and hateful” things had been said about his daughter. The video of her performance show…

Funniest Olympic Mom Reaction (VIDEO)

parents of U.S. gymnast react at the London 2012 Olympics

Olympic “soccer mom” cheering for her daughter at the London 2012 Olympics. This mom watched her daughter perform her routine in the gymnastics competition. Watch how she twitches and moves around her seat in anticipation! Then she and her husband screams when their daughter finishes her routine. Oh, the funny things parents do.

Parents Killed Their Daughter’s Pimp

pimp in Los angeles who were killed by prostitute's parents

The parents of a 17-year-old runaway killed her pimp. The teen ran away from her parents home in San Francisco. She went to Los Angeles for a life of prostitution. Her parents tried to make her stop and bring her home. When their efforts failed, they decided to go to the root of the problem….

Rude Kids Make Granny Bus Monitor Cry

granny cries in school bus bullying

Kids make rude comments to a granny and makes her cry. These kids are horrible! Several kids in a school bus mocks an elderly lady riding with them. They called her names such as fat, ugly, b***h, and tells her she sweats because she’s fat. You can tell the lady was already crying, but these…

Worst Parents: Dad Puts Toddler In Washing Machine

toddler in washing machine

No one knows what was going through these parents minds when they decided to put their toddler in a washing machine. In the video posted on youtube, the toddler and the parents were at a laundromat. For some reason, the parents felt compelled to put their baby inside the washing machine. At first, the mother…