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Little Girls Forced To Fight (VIDEO)

Two young girls were forced to fight by an older sibling. The disturbing video of the young girls fighting in a New York City park was posted on YouTube and has prompted the police to investigate. The police are now questioning two teenagers in connection with the video. The mother of the 7-year-old girl wearing…

Woman Goes Topless In New York (VIDEO)

woman goes topless in New York City

Moira Johnston goes topless to fight for her rights. She wants to be allowed to go topless as men do. Johnston, a topless dancer from Philadelphia, is trying to raise awareness of a long forgotten New York state law that allows women to go topless anywhere. Back in January, Johnston was kicked out of her…

Disney Banned Tinkerbell Wanna Be From Animal Kingdom

girl dressed up as tinkerbell - disney banned her

Disney’s Animal Kingdom made 15-year-old April Spielman cry after they banned her from the park because she wore a Tinkerbell Costume. Spielman spent hours dressing up as Tinkerbell so that she can make her boyfriend’s first trip to Disney a memorable one. She colored her eyes green and even sprinkled glitter all over her body….