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Justin Bieber Pissing Inside Restaurant – Caught On Tape

Justin Bieber is filmed by his friends urinating into a restaurant cleaning bucket. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Justin Bieber Pees In Bucket: – Teacher SEX With Student: – Heterosexual Awarenss Month: – Gay Spider Man?:

Pizza Man Pees on Customer’s Door

It is standard practice to tip the pizza man but this Des Moines, Iowa resident just didn’t have the cash. As a result of being stiffed, the pizza man unzipped his pants and peed on her door. Unfortunately for him he was caught on video. The manager of the Pizza Hut came to the property…

Guy Pees On Homeless Man (VIDEO)

Man urinates on homeless man on video

Man urinates on a homeless man and takes a video of it. The video was taken outside of Toronto’s Eaton Centre shopping mall. The video shows a man was lying on the ground when a young man approached him and urinated on his face. The victim doesn’t move from his position. Other people in the…

Woman Drinks her Pee and Bathes in it – My Strange Addiction

TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” featured a woman convinced that her pee has healing powers. She not only drinks the yellow stuff she also brushes her teeth and bathes in it. She even rinses her eyeballs with it. The 53-year-old, woman named Carrie had been drinking her pee for 4 years. She says this is part…