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Bear Enters a Mall In Pittsburgh

a bear cub entering the mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A bear entered a shopping mall in Pittsburgh last Saturday. The 120 pound bear was roaming around a Pittsburgh mall parking lot around 8:30 pm. People were chasing it with their cars, according to a witness. The frightened cub ran towards the mall to get away from the cars. It was able to enter a…

Topless Thief Runs Out Of Crime Scene

topless thief mug shot

A thief runs away topless from crime scene. Aishana Clayton tried to escape arrest after shoplifting by running topless. Clayton was caught on surveillance camera stealing diapers at a Pennsylvania Pathmark store. Security guards were able to capture her and took her to a store holding area. But Clayton was able to escape by punching…

Woman Poses As Boy Had Sex With Teenage Girl

Carissa Hads mugshot

A woman posed as a boy and drove thousands of miles to have sex with a teenage girl. The 24-year-old woman was arrested for crossing state line to have sex with a 15-year-old girl. Carissa Hads claimed to be a boy named James Puryear Wilson when she met the teen girl online. Hads allegedly told…

Man Slips, Cuts His Neck On Chainsaw And Survives

A tree trimmer slips and cuts himself on his own chainsaw. Kevin Murphy from Manchester, Pennsylvania had been a tree trimmer for decades. On his 49th birthday, he slipped and cut his neck on a chainsaw. It left a gash on his neck where he received 80 stitches. It took around 3-4 hours to stitch…