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Photo Fails

The funny images below were not edited or photoshopped. These are just photos of people unlucky enough to be caught in the most unfortunate circumstances. Take a look these photos that will make you say say “OMG.” Check out photo fails below:

Accidentally sexual pictures

Be careful how you take pictures or who you take pictures with. Or else they may turn out like these. Take a look at people’s photos that turn out to be a little more than what they bargained for.

Corpse Elevator Prank In Brazil (VIDEO)

Hilarious corpse elevator prank in Brazil. From the people who brought the ghost elevator prank comes up with another ghoulish experience for elevator users. If you see these two dudes before entering an elevator you probably know what’s coming next. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with a corpse? Check…

MTV EMA’s 2012 Winners, Pics, and Highlights

The 2012 EMA’s was a star-studded event. Celebrities from Europe and the U.S. came to grace the evening’s red carpet. Check out the best dressed celebrities. And the not-so-best-dressed… No Doubt showed up and posed before their performance. Check out other celebrities that were on the EMA’s red carpet: List of MTV EMA Winners: Best…