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Lady Gaga Strips Butt Nekked During Performance at G-A-Y

Lady Gaga takes it all off during a performance at GAY night club. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Lady Gaga Strips On Stage : – Katy Perry Bashes Nekked Stars: – Deadly Storm Hits England: – Woman Lies About RAPE : – X-Box One Feature Demo :

Taylor Swift Dancing On Jennifer Lopez – “Jenny From the Block” at Staples Center

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez perform Jenny From The Block at Staples Centre Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA. The performance was part of Tayl;or Swift’s Red Tour. **************************** STORIES BELOW: – Taylor Swift & J-Lo Performance: – 8 year old Shoots 90 year old Woman: – Woman In Coma Gets Pregnant:

Subway Passengers Get Live Dance Performance (VIDEO)

Two men perform in a New York Subway train. The two took turns dancing to “This is how we do it” in a subway train in New York. Using the handle bars and poles, the two pulled themselves up, swung around, and danced in front of subway riders.

Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction

Lady Gaga sufferd a wardrobe malfunction at a concert at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Friday. During her performance of her song “Heavy Metal Lover,” Gaga climbed onto her motorcycle as part of the routine. As soon as she did, her Versace latex pants split and exposed her bare butt. But the show must…

Rihanna Gives Fan Lap Dance At Concert (VIDEO)

Rihanna lap dances on a guy fan

A fan got dry humped by Rihanna during one of her performances. Rihanna pulls a fan from the audience and sits him on stage. She climbS on top of him and thrusts her hips back and forth. The lucky guy enjoyed the personal lap dance he received from the singer. He gestured in approval to…

Lady Gaga Smokes Marijuana In Amsterdam Concert

Lady Gaga smoking marijuana at a concert

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana at her concert in Amsterdam. Lady Gaga was performing in Amsterdam when she busted out a giant spliff and started smoking on stage. Smoking marijuana in Amsterdam had been decriminalized, so fans at the concert were not surprised.

Rihanna Gets Ass Grabbed & Kissed By A$AP Rocky MTV VMAs 2012

Rihanna hugged by Chris Brown and then groped by rapper A$AP. What a night for Riri. Rihanna opened the MTV VMA Music Awards by performing her latest single Cockiness and featured rapper A$AP. The 24-year-old singer seduced the crowd with a lot of fierce glances and crotch-grabbing, but she didn’t quite expect it from someone…