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PETA Slaughter House

PETA accused of animal cruelty. Nathan J. Winograd, director of the No Kill Advocacy Centre contributed a story to the Huffington Post Blog where he accused PETA of animal cruelty. The blog included images of dead puppies and kittens along with his claims that PETA had been systemically killing the animals in the Virginia headquarters….

Hairy Vagina Joanna Krupa PETA Ad (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Miama Reality star Joanna Krupa takes it off for PETA. The racy ad leaves her topless with fur tucked into her bottoms. The ad is intended to show how wearing fur is ridiculous. “These animals get skinned alive, they get electrocuted, they get drowned. They’re raised only for fashion and that’s what…

Alicia Silverstone Racy Photos In Bullet Magazine (PHOTOS)

Alicia Silverstone posing seductive and twirling her hair

Alicia Silverstone’s racy new shoot in Bullet magazine. Here are some background information about Alicia for those who don’t know her. The 35-year-old shot to fame as Cher in the 90s movie, Clueless. She was 18 then. She gave birth to her first child last year. Tabloids slammed her for feeding her child food that… Site, Sexy Pics And Animal Abuse

PETA porn - woman in sexy pleather lingerie

PETA launches their site to promote their animal rights cause. “[T]his is the perfect example of sex just being used to draw interest, and then once you’re there on the site, we’re going to hit you with facts that you need to know about the world of animals,” adult-film legend Ron Jeremy said in…

Christina Cho, Kim Kardashian’s flour bomber Flour bomber, Christina Cho, had been at it for awhile. She has been known to disrupt events to help get PETA’s message out. Her sister is also a top PETA official. A video posted on The Hollywood Gossip, showed Cho grabbing the mic from Donna Karan and denouncing her fashion for using fur in…

Kim Suing Flour Attacker. PETA tells Kim to “Get A Life”

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking steps to press charges against the person who threw flour at her last week. The act was caught on tape by several cameramen in a Los Angeles red carpet. She walked off and came back unhurt after the incident. However, she and her PR team have decided to take action…