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World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock (VIDEO)

The world’s most annoying alarm clock forces you out of bed on the first try. How would an alarm clock do this, you ask? The alarm clock app called, “Sleep If U Can” will go off non-stop until you get out of bed to take a picture of a place you’ve registered in its settings….

Baby Reaches Out Of Her Mother’s Womb To Grab Doctor’s Finger (PHOTO)

A baby reaches out from her mother’s womb during C-section to grab doctor’s finger. Two months ago Alicia and Randy Atkins were in the operating room for the birth of their child, Neveah, by C-section. Randy was taking pictures of the moment. One image was of Neveah’s hand reaching out and grabbing the doctor’s fingers….

Heidi Montag Shows Off $30,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery

Former The Hills star, Heidi Montag, shows off her perfectly sculpted body that cost her $30,000 in plastic surgery. Heidi wore a white bikini and flaunted herself on a beach in California. The 26-year-old showed off every inch of the results of her surgery. Check out some of her beach photos here:

Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings

Diego Koi's pencil art of a woman

An Artist’s pencil drawing creates photorealistic drawings. Self-taught artist, Diego Fazio, who goes by DiegoKoi on his Deviant Art page created the photo-realistic drawings. The 22-year-old has caught the attention of Huffington Post. His drawings have been posted on their site. The Huffpost story have reached over 4,000 likes on Facebook. Check out Diego Koi’s Photorealistic art…

Lindsay Lohan Suicide Images (Photos)

Photographer Terry Richardson posted controversial images of Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth. Richardson has since removed the photos of the 25-year-old which caused quite a stir on the internet. Instead he posted sexy pictures of Lohan wearing a see-through bra and underwear. But of course, the images have already circulated on the…