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Amazing Pencil Drawings That Look Like Photographs (PHOTOS)

Amazing pencil drawings look like photographs. British artist Kelvin Okafor creates pencil drawings from Beyonce, Amy Winhouse, Mother Theresa, to Princess Diana. His pencil drawings are so detailed that they look so much like photographs. If you look at the drawings closely, there is not one pencil line in sight. Yet, Okafor only uses a…

Twilight fan cries: How Could You Kristen Stewart?

 YouTube User: nuttymadam3575 The Twilight fan community was in shock in light of Kristen Stewart’s infidelity. One die hard fan of the Twilight movies, Emma Clark, expressed her sadness on Youtube. Clark cried and asked how Kristen Stewart could do this to Robert Pattinson. She was so upset with Kristen’s cheating that she yelled: “You were…