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Justin Bieber Lunges At A Photographer (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber lunges at a photographer outside his hotel in the UK. The 19-year-old singer has had a rough week in the UK. From arriving late for a performance, struggling to breathe while on stage, and now an angry outburst towards a photographer. The Canadian singer was led to an SUV by a body guard…

Fat Women In Nude Challenge Traditional Beauty (NSFW)

Photographer Yossi Loloi took photos of obese women in the nude to challenge traditional images of beauty. The project that’s entitled Full Beauty features women in the nude who are 420 pounds and larger. VISIT WEBSITE:  Full Beauty Loloi intended to show that the history of the female in the nude is limited to skinny women….

This Is How You Look Like On Meth (PHOTOS)

A London based photographer created a project he calls “Half” that features the effects of drug addiction. The project featured the physical effects of substance abuse on people. The photographer, Roman Sakovich, created split images to show individuals before and after addiction. The snapshots reveal the Jekyll and Hyde nature of crystal meth. At first,…

Japanese Business Man Walks Down Escalator In The Wrong Direction

A Japanese businessman tries to walk down an escalator in the wrong direction. Commuters at a London subway station were amused at the man who tried to walk down the escalator in the wrong direction. Some tried to help him, but the man ignored them. The man continued to struggle walking down the escalator as…