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Socialmatic & Polaroid Join To Make ‘Instagram Camera’

Instagram camera is launching in 2014. Since the Instagram icon design was influenced by Polaroid cameras, the concept of actually making an “Instagram Camera” with Polaroid branding seems a perfect fit. The camera named the Socialmatic will allow you to point, shoot, share, and print. It also uses all the Instagram editing options that the…

Accidentally sexual pictures

Be careful how you take pictures or who you take pictures with. Or else they may turn out like these. Take a look at people’s photos that turn out to be a little more than what they bargained for.

Christina Hendricks Stuns! Emmys 2012 Photos + Winners

Although Christina Hendricks stunned the crowed with cream-colored dress and plunging neckline, the Mad Men star received no awards at the 2012 Emmy Awards show. As a matter of fact, despite 17 nominations Mad Men one no awards including the “Best Drama” award which they’ve won 4 years in a row. VIDEO FROM THE RED…

iPhone 5 Revealed? (VIDEO)

Here’s an iPhone 5 promo recently posted on the web. The video was created by the people behind Adam Thinks. On their site, they stated that since everyone loves taking pictures with their iPhone, they decided to rethink the iPhone design. His new iPhone 5 model gives you the ability to take high quality pictures….

Carly Rae Jepsen LEAKED Nip Pics?

Carly Rae Jepsen  is the latest addition to the “Leaked Photos” club. Or is she??? Photos were leaked on the web of what appeared to be Carly Rae Jepsen but the singer’s rep has denied they are actually of her. The photos, which include an exposed pierced nipple has now been credited to 21 year…

Christina Hendricks Leaked Photos

Another celebrity is added to the “nekked photos leaked” list this week. Christina Hendrick’s leaked photos surfaced online featuring the buxom beauty being in revealing attire. Hendrick’s reps said the breast are not hers. Several photos showed the “Mad Men” star barely dressed and without makeup in what seems to be photos taken at home….

Japanese Girls Licking Door Knobs

Finger licking good with a door knob? A new trend of self photography came into light in Japan recently. In North America facebook and twitter pages are bombarded with self-portraits of people taking pictures of themselves with their own cameras. Japan, however, created a new trend in photography where females are featured licking door knobs….