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Girls Want Men To Look At Their Breasts: PSA For Boobs

Several woman finally admit that the reason they wear certain tops is for men to look at their tits. Written by Megan Sass @Megan_Sass Directed by Ryan Gielen Edited by Katy Wright-Mead @katywm Featuring: Adriana DeGirolami, Nihara Nichelle, Megan Sass, Anna Suzuki, Camille Theobald, Amanda Van-Nostrand   More videos at:¬†

Overly Sexual Breast Cancer PSA (VIDEO)

Not everyone is too pleased with this new PSA on Breast Cancer Awareness created by Chilean agency Lowe Porta, Santiago. The ad is highly sexualized placing the focus on women’s breasts rather than the women themselves. Shots of cleavage, breast feeding, even more intimate moments are shown throughout the ad. It appears that the target…