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Topless Snow Sledding 2013 (PHOTOS)

Topless snow-sledders compete in Germany. A topless snow-sledding competition called for the breast… uh we meant the BEST… sledders around the country to join the competition last February 23. The annual high-speed race was held in Altenberg, Germany where dozens of women competed wearing nothing but their underwear. Thousands of spectators came to watch and…

Predicktor App Predicts Men’s Penis Size (VIDEO)

The Predicktor app hels uncover a man’s penis size. The new “medical prediction” app was reportedly developed by a Toronto-based family physician. It attempts to tell the user a man’s penis size by using his height, sexual orientation and finger length. According to its website, it cross-references trends from scientific studies. The app’s website does…

Athlete’s Sexy Warm-Up Dance (VIDEO)

michelle jenneke warm-up dance

An Australian hurdler is making waves on the internet with her sexy warm-up. Michelle Jenneke got ready for her race by swaying her hips side to side with a smile on her smile. Of course, someone on the internet posted the video of her dance in slow motion and put a song over it. The…