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Miami Face-eater Was Not On Bath Salts

Rudy Eugene - Miami face-eater

  Test shows Miami face-eater only had marijuana in his body. Toxicology performed on Rudy Eugene shows that there was no other drug in his system except for marijuana. “The department’s toxicology laboratory has identified the active components of marijuana,” the medical examiner said in a statement, according to NBC Miami. “The laboratory has tested…

Cannibalism Victim in Miami Has A New Face

ronald poppo mugshot

Ronald Poppo, the cannibal-attack victim in Miami, is doing well according to his doctors. But he will need more surgery. The 65-year-old man is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital . With his permission, two photos of the Poppo’s was released to the media. Poppo suffered severe injuries from the assault on the Miami MacArthur causeway…