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Israeli Female Soldiers Booty Dancing On Camera LEAKED VIDEO

A new leaked clip has surfaced of female Israeli soldiers dancing in their underwear. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Female Soldiers Dance In Underwear: – Miley Cyrus Twerking: – PS4 Specs And Vids: – More PS4 Specs And Vids: – Surgeons Remove Ovary Instead of Appendix:

U.S. Military Working On Invisibility Gear

New technology can allow troops to become invisible. Designers are working to redefine the camouflage that the U.S. military presently uses. Chris Lawrence, a Pentagon correspondent, asked Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth how invisible will it be. Cramer says you would be unable to see the person at all. Quantum stealth technology works by bending the…

U.S. Marines Soldiers Peeing on Dead Bodies

A video of at least four Marines urinating on several deal bodies surfaced on the web. The men are seen joking around while exposing themselves and urinating on the dead bodies. One man said, “Have a great day, buddy.” Another one joked by saying, “Golden like a shower.” The authenticity of the video has yet…