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Father Punches Son: Real Or Fake? (VIDEO)

A man punches his son and posted the video on YouTube. Is it real or fake? A father who tells the camera that his son had been a “bad boy” and that he needed to be punished. He asked the little boy what sort of punishment he should be given. The boy replied “a punch…

Mom Makes Toddler Smoke Weed

[WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE] A mother makes her child smoke weed. We’ll surely be adding this to the mother of the year award. NOT! The woman smokes weed while the toddler sits on her lap. Then she decides to pass the weed over to the baby. Of course, children will copy what their parents do….

Mom & Son Perform ‘Gangnam Style’ on Ellen

Ellen Degeneres features a mom and son duo dancing Psy’s hit Gangnam Style. The song has taken North America by storm. There are tons of parody’s on the web ever since the song became a Youtube sensation. This one has a mother and son dancing to the “Gangnam style” signature dance move. Ellen loved their…

Dad Saves Son From Falling Off Cliff & Gets Ticketed

image of father and son walking together

Frank Roder saved his son from falling off a cliff while his Jeep fell into the water. Roder was out at a park with his son. Just as they pulled in, his son hopped out of the car. “He hopped out, and I thought that was okay, I was just going to park,” Roder, 38,…