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Man Tasered While Handcuffed (VIDEO)

A man was tasered while he was handcuffed. One of the cops was explaining to the man’s mother why they handcuffed him. The police explained that he was asked to stop, but did not do so. The man started yelling to police saying “read me my f****** rights.” He told police that he wasn’t going…

Police Taser Handcuffed Woman

woman tasered by police

A woman was tasered by police while she was handcuffed. In this surveillance video at a police station, a woman was arrested by police and appeared to have been yelling at an officer and, according to reports, spit on him. The officer then tasers the woman in close range. As she hovers in pain and…

Pregnant Woman Tasered Three Times By Police

Malaika Brooks was seven months pregnant when she was tasered three times. She was driving her 11-year-old son to school when she was stopped by police. According to the police, she was going 32 miles per hour in a school zone speed limit of 20. She accepted the ticket, but refused to sign it. But…