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Beyonce Faces Off With Herself In Pepsi Commercial (VIDEO)

Beyonce dances with herself in new Pepsi video “Mirrors.” The singer faced off with herself wearing her most famous costumes from her music videos like “Bootylicious”, “Crazy In Love” and “Single Ladies”. The singer’s former selves became her backup dancers. “Embrace our past but live for now,” Beyonce says at the end of the commercial….

Lady Gaga XXX Lesbian Action In Bath: Cake Promo (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga has always pushed the boundaries with her costumes and videos. This time she’s making waves again with a teaser video for her new single Cake. In the video, the singer can be seen in a bathtub with two women. She raps the lyrics to her new song about grabbing wigs and her “burqa…

Iron Man 3 Teaser (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A short teaser has just been released for the new Iron Man 3 movie. The teaser features bits and pieces of the film, but doesn’t reveal much of the story line. All we know for sure is that Iron Man seems to have a new suit. And Pepper Potts seems to be in dire need…