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Company Pays Employees $7500 To Go On Vacation

employees at software company working

A Denver, Colorado company pays employees to go on vacation. That’s a job many people would love to get. Borat Lorang, CEO of software provider company in Denver FullContact, offered his employees $7,500 to go on a vacation. This is on top of their normal salary. However, there were three rules that the employees had…

Man Cancels Date By Faking His Death

woman talking on Skype with Dr. Drew from HLN

Dr. Drew on HLN talked to a woman about a man who cancelled their date by telling her he’s dead. A woman named, Tia, met a man and planned on going on a date with him. The day that they were to go out, she received a text from the man’s cellphone pretending to be…

Woman Sued For Sending Text To Driver

image of couple riding on mortocycle

A woman is sued for sending a text to her boyfriend while driving and causing an accident. The couple’s attorney who is suing the young woman say that she distracted her boyfriend with her text who then crashed into a couple riding a motorcycle. The couple both lost their left legs in the accident. Their…

Bullied Teen Hangs Herself

Thirteen year old, Rachel Ehmke, hanged herself after being bullied at school. She was a 7th grader from Kasson Mantorville Middle School. Her parents found out about the bullying when her locker was vandalized with gum and harsh words by a group of girls. Rich Ehmke, Rachel’s father, thought she was dealing with the problem…