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Most Insane Body Piercings (PHOTOS)

Bizarre piercings and implants all over the world. There are piercings and there are insane piercings! Some of the ones featured below are devotees of several Chinese shrines. During a procession at the Vegetarian Festival on October 4, 2011 in Phuket, Thailand dozens of these people used various objects to pierce through their cheeks and…

Tourists Feed Tigers In Thailand (VIDEO)

tourists feeding tigers in wild life sanctuary in Thailand

Tourists in Thailand take part in feeding tigers. For a fee, tourists in a “wild life sanctuary” can feed tigers. This allowed humans and tigers to be in close proximity of each other. Tourists were given bags of food held on a stick and they used this to tease the tigers with. Tigers would jump…

Roasted Fetuses Found In Luggage (VIDEO)

image of roasted fetuses covered in gold

Black magic practitioners sell roasted fetuses in the black market. Chow Hok Kuen, a British citizen, was arrested in Thailand. Police discovered six fetal corpses in his luggage. The age of the fetuses at the time of death were beween two and sevent months old. They were roasted and covered in gold leaf. Thai police…