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McDonald’s Real-life Hamburglars (VIDEO)

hamburglar in a McDonald's commercial

At a McDonald’s in Evansville, Indiana a real life “hamburglar” broke into the restaurant at 2am in the morning. In the video, a man tried to steal a McDonald’s cash register. After struggling for a few minutes, he gives up and steals several yogurt parfaits and walks out. When officers got a hold of the…

Topless Thief Runs Out Of Crime Scene

topless thief mug shot

A thief runs away topless from crime scene. Aishana Clayton tried to escape arrest after shoplifting by running topless. Clayton was caught on surveillance camera stealing diapers at a Pennsylvania Pathmark store. Security guards were able to capture her and took her to a store holding area. But Clayton was able to escape by punching…

Guy Tries To Rob Store, Gets Busted By His Own Mom

Roy Mitchell, 22 years old, thought he was a big shot while trying to rob a store with a toy gun. He held the clerk at gunpoint toy gunpoint and guess who comes on the scene? His Mom; she take the “gun” from him and orders him to leave, and most likely gave him a…

Big Boobs Bandit Robs Store Full Video

Buxom bandit big boobs raids petrol station in Queensland

A blonde woman, now being dubbed the Buxom Bandit, gets the “Dumbest Thief of the Year” award. She and another accomplices robbed a petrol station in Queensland. Not only did she not cover her massive bosom, but she didn’t cover up her face, nor her hair. She was wearing a glove that prevented her from…