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Life-like Cardboard Box Cities

Check out these awesome life-like street scenes made out of cardboard and brown paper. The photographs look like real cities and areas around the world. But looking with a keen eye, the miniature scenes are actually built out of cardboard. The dioramas depict dimly lit cities and areas in London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and…

Japanese Breast Squeeze Fundraising

japanese man squeezing a woman's breasts

It’s kind of like those kissing booths from carnivals, but this fundraiser has a little more personal touch. A Japanese porn channel organized an interactive fundraiser last August. What kind of interaction was involved? Breast Squeezing! The breast squeeze benefit was part of “Erotica Will Save The World.” A 24-hour live streamed event that took…

Cyborg Goes To The Dentist (VIDEO)

cyborg that has its mouth wide open

A Japanese cyborg goes to the dentist. In Tokyo, Japan, a robot called Slimroid is helping future dentists. The robot was designed by Nippon Dental University & Morita manufacturing. It features advanced Artificial Intelligence that can give feedback to help train would-be dentists. Yukihiko Isokawa, from Morita Manufacturing said they wanted to get it as…