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Worst Parent: Mother Gives Little Boy A Tattoo (VIDEO)

WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: Worst parent: A mother gets a tattoo for her son. In the video, you can see the mother holding the boy down in an attempt to calm him down as a tattoo artist inks the boy’s arm. As an adult, getting a tattoo is painful enough. Obviously, a little boy getting… Site, Sexy Pics And Animal Abuse

PETA porn - woman in sexy pleather lingerie

PETA launches their site to promote their animal rights cause. “[T]his is the perfect example of sex just being used to draw interest, and then once you’re there on the site, we’re going to hit you with facts that you need to know about the world of animals,” adult-film legend Ron Jeremy said in…

Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Punished With Barney Song

The Pentagon admits that they use music during interrogations and as punishments. Captain John Kirby confirmed that music was used for punishment both in a positive and negative way in Guantanamo Bay prison. But he insists that they do not torture prisoners. It is long believed that prisoners are forced to listen to Barney’s song…