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Tourist Dies After Inflatable “Zorb” Ball Accident (VIDEO)

A tourist died after falling off a cliff while inside an inflatable ball. Tourists visiting a sports resort agreed to go inside an inflatable ball ride, called a zorb. Once in the ball tourists are rolled down a hill. In an unfortunate turn of events, the zorb went off course as soon as it started…

Image of NYPD Officer Buying Homeless Man Shoes Goes Viral

NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo bought boots for a homeless man in Manhattan one cold night this month. The image was posted on Facebook where it has received 260,000 likes. A tourist from Arizona took the photo of Deprimo giving the homeless man socks and boots to help him through the cold night. When asked why…

Bungee Jump Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

woman bungee jumps to death

A tourist who attempted to bungee jump over a cliff may have died. The woman was clearly nervous about jumping, but she went ahead with it. The woman jumps trusting that the ropes will hold her. You can see the woman fall down for a few seconds then you hear a scream. Did the ropes…